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Road going Quattro Sport performance

> I was at a track day yesterday,where some ordinary (UR) Quattros were 
> out,and a genuine 12,000 miler Quattro Sport SWB road car was 
> present,too.The driver was competent,yet it performed little better than 
> enthusiastically driven UR's.What was the alleged performance differences 
> between these things?

Sport Q had 321 HP, I don't know about times to 60, etc. You may want to
check the new AutoCar mag, I hear they tested an '85 Sport Q....
> Over a tightish course the UR's were doing circa 58/56 seconds flying 
> laps,the Sport,around 55/56 seconds.
> Not a meaningful result,with different drivers etcetera,but I was 
> expecting a Sport to be pretty different to a UR.Were the road cars not 
> really that different,just a base to homologate a short wheel base and 
> other goodies?

Considering that there are only 9 of these beasts in the US, I'd be
inclined to say that the owner/driver was "in his right mind" not
pushing his Sport Q to it's limits...after all, if you were to damage
one of those beautiful kevlar fenders, it would be purdy hard to
replace!  :*)


* Ramana Lagemann		  mailto:elmool@tiac.net*
* Cohasset, MA					1990 Coupe Q	*