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Re: Radiator fan won't come on

At 12:20 AM 7/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Have you tried pulling the plug off the sensor at the bottom of the radiator?
>Check for corrosion or a broken wire. If all looks OK, try shorting the two
>wires together. The fan should run. If not, move on to the cooling fan relay.
>Does it click when you short the sensor wires? If not check or replace the
>relay. If it clicks the fan motor is next. Does it get power when you short
>the sensor wires? If yes and the contacts are clean, the motor may be shot.
>If the fan runs when you connect the sensor wires, then the sensor is
>probably dead. Happy hunting.

Also very common is a bad resistor pack - at least on type 44 chassis.

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