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RE: syncro 20v wagon...?

Why not go for a nice 3B 20v turbo motor? Then you'd be cooking. I
believe the 7A and 3B use about the same amount of space, since the 7A
in my CQ uses up pretty much all the available space, and the S2 stuffs
a 20v turbo (3B?) into the same cavity. You would certainly need one of
those Kamei ersatz S2 grilles in the Syncro. Don't get wet...
-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Thompson Smith [SMTP:thompers@together.net]
	Subject:	syncro 20v wagon...?
	Just toying with the idea of a 7A 20v motor in my '88 syncro
wagon. Yes,
	I really miss my Ur-q and yes, my wife hoards our 20v...
	<<more snippage>>
	So peein' in the wind for that one, but...?
	<<yet more snippage>>
	I would have to change my front grill for sure on the syncro.