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Re: Trip? (and funny mechanic quotes)

At 10:20 AM -0400 on 7/18/97, Bob Davis wrote:

> Hey there Mike,
> Your car should make it fine, as long as you pay attention to a couple
> details.
> One hint--
> Look at all of the cv boots, and make sure none are torn or cracking (a
> blown cv joint will stop you, for a bit.  You'll have to lock the difs to
> get going after that, right?)
> Take the car to Northern Motorsports (rt 5, Norwich) if you feel nervous
> and want a professional to look at it.  They're good people (and they care
> for a Bently _collection_ owned by a guy up here).
> >From all that I've heard, Audis are famous for not leaving their owners
> stranded in the boonies.  When are you going?
I quite beg to differ.  Twice the alternator has blown(one at each
grandmother's house...one is New Rochelle[not the boonies] the other,
Egremont, western MA[big time boonies]), the starter decided to quit
completely in a friend's driveway, and the fuel pump quit once as well at
On the other hand, it's made 2 trips/year to upstate NY(400 miles) into the
Adarondaks where we vacation(very big time boonies) since we bought the car
in '87, so I guess it more than evens out :)

Quote from the NY mechanic, trying to figure out why our neighbor's Ford
escort wagon wouldn't start:
"Isya altanata light awn?"

What do "altanata"s have to do with cars not starting?(it was turning over,
no juice problem)

Quote from local mechanic where I work(really small town), when I asked him
about the status of a co-worker's Volvo sedan:
"Be ready in an hour or so.  (looks outside at 5kcst parked at pumps) All
you folks down there got Volvos?  (looks again) Oh, that's definately not a
Volvo, is it...  What is _that_?"
<smack> :)

Quote from my mechanic(who shall go nameless), speaking to the owner of a
Porsche, with all sorts of racing mods, sitting in the shop's driveway,
that, when turned over, produces a horrible grinding noise, backfires every
few seconds VERY loudly, belches smoke, and generally won't start:

"Tell you what...why don't you leave it here for me this evening."

Where was it going? :)

Conversation between a friend's father and his mechanic(about the father's
Father: Every time I lock the doors on my 9000 CSE, while the engine is
running, it blows a fuse, and the power mirrors, door locks, and
park-shift-lock won't work.  What is it?"
Mechanic: Is the car here?
(they walk to the car, mechanic gets in, wiggles sun visor, fuse blows)
Mechanic: you need a new sun visor.
(he was right...the sun visor was shorting out.   A new one($180!) fixed
the problem)
And I thought my 5k's visor was expensive!($130)
other comment: who would be dumb enough to put an essential item like the
shift lock, on a circut with a whole bunch of non-essential accessories?  I
guess the answer is "only Saab", or as we call them, "snabs"(snob+saab)

happy (almost)weekend everyone,

Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com	dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu
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