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87 5KTQ Ignition Switch Problems?

I'm having problems with my ignition switch and was wondering if anyone
has had the same experience. It isn't making switch contact in the
starter position. If I lift up on the key it works better. I had to push
start it yesterday!!!

Did the troubleshooting thing last night in 100+ DegF garage - not much
fun. My neighbor sees me sweating away and comments that Audis are like
wifes, once you have one you don't want another - I have to disagree
since I am on my secound Audi!!!

I know it is the switch because I checked the pins with a ohm meter and
can see it intermittantly(?) make closure. I also jumpered the proper
wires for starter operation and the starter works perfect.

How do you remove the ignition switch? Do you have to pull the entire
steering column? I can see a set pin of some sort but it just has a pin
in threaded hole - no easy way to remove.

TIA for any help or comments.

87 5KTQ