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Re: Quattro Sports, driving impressions....

Well I don't know what version of the game you had, but I've played that
before and the Audi was a real dog!  I was amazed at how slowly it
accellerated and how poorly it handled in the turns.  I remember
thinking, "hey, my non-turbo non-quattro can do better than this!  Did
the game seem fairly recent?


>Well, ok.  I have to say I have never owned a TQC, much less a Sport Q.  But
>I did drive one!  Well, ok, it was on my computer.  The game I had was called
>"Stunts" and the basic premise was you designed a stunt track (loops, jumps,
>dirt, hills, anything..).  I remember getting the game, and looking at the
>cars.. 288 GTO, LM002, 962, Jag Le Mans Prototype...and thinking, what the
>Hell is an Audi doing here?  Well, let me tell you, the thing moved.  0-60
>times were reported in the low 5's, top speed over 140 mph.  Cool car to
>drive, at least on the computer....
>For all wondering, there was also a Lancia Stratos, which the STQC clearly
>Carter J