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Re: new stereo for A4?

George writes:

> Probably the best bet is to wait a few monthes until P.I.E. (Peripheral
> Electronics) makes the adapter for Audi stereo. (snip)
> So I wait until PIE finishes the job with adapter. (They told
> me it will be done later of this year).

There is a saying that applies here: "Don't hold your breath".
PIE have been saying that they will have an A4 CD adapter
ready "in the next couple of months" ever since I bought my
A4 back last November (and for many months before that according
to my local auto stereo store).  Apparently their schedules are
worse than Microsoft's!

I broke down and bought the factory changer - and glad I did as
it seems the adapter STILL isn't ready.

-Mark Quinn