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lost power

Hi all, 
I have just recently purchased (3 months ago) an 84 4ksq with 80K miles
on it.  It seems to have lost power in the 4000 rpm and up region, it
will pull pretty strong until then and die off.  If I keep my foot in
it  it will rev to redline, but very sluggishly.  Could it be a
spark/timing thing, fuel, clogged exhaust??  Does anyone have the stock
hp/rpm and torque/rpm specs for this car?  I am relatively new to audis,
owned a G60 motored mkII GTI (240 hp!) before this, but always wanted a
quattro -secret desire to Colin McRae!

84 4000s quattro
87 RX7 TII - HKS, RB, Greddy, Bilstein, Eibach (auto-x, track car)