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Re:Anti-theft radio locked up (2)

I can't confirm if your model of radio is the type to be permantly locked
up, but from your description, if it is like the Canadian original equipment
in the model years of 1986 or so, made in Japan, then your problem indeed
must be fixed by a shop familiar with your situation. It may not need to be
an official Audi centre but get a firm price or just buy another radio that
doesn't have the theft code.  If the code is entered wrong after three times
then the chip burns itself out and must be desoldered and replaced. You are
then given a different code. In Canada the price for that is between $100 -
$ 150 Candadian, so the prices quoted you are quite in line.  Just make sure
you are satisfied with radio before fixing it, other wise invest in
something else.


>     As I had posted it quite sometimes, my "Wiesbaden" radio has been out 
>     of whacked--it's a solid "SAF e", since it was w/ the previous owner.
He >told me the reason for this locked-up is due to his son--had borrowed
his car >for about 3 weeks, had punched a "wrong code" for umpteen times.
Since then, >it has been in silence....Humm...I checked around w/ the
"authorized" Audi >Centers in NYC area, they quoted me a price for this
"decoding" ranging from >$55 up to $89.  (Do you think it's another rip-off?)