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Twits & other stuff

G'day gang,

Say, just out of curiosity, does anyone know where ol' Bill Zehrung is?
Has he ever completed that course on "How to piss-off a large group of
your friends in one easy lesson?"  You know, the one that lets you in on
the closely held secret about failing to uns*bscri*e from your mail-lists
before putting your auto-responder into action while you go and play?

Just curious...

And for whoever was asking about the wisdom of taking off on a 7,000 mile
trip, while Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart has no actual wisdom to impart, he
does have considerable experience with the major motor oddessy bit, not
just the recent 6-weeks on the road I just told you about, and can say
enthusiasticly, "Just do it!"

If you don't, you'll always have that nagging doubt, that little voice in your
head that will bug you to death *forever* for not seizing the chance when
it was there.

If you do, you'll always have memories of a grand adventure.  You may well have
major parts break, and you could even get stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Hell, that *risk* is what separates the adventure from the mundane, and dealing
with this can be the stuff of memories and what the squids call "Sea Stories"
that you'll be able to drag out and bore your friends with whenever the
opportunity arises.  The satisfactioy you'll derive from this in
and doing it is the only way there is to experience what I'm talking about.

If you aren't willing to take this risk, you might as well stay home and watch
PBS, they have lots of shows about people travelling that don't offer *you* any
risk at all.

Best regards to you all,

Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart