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Re: New wheels, Wheel locks?

In a message dated 97-07-19 00:03:58 EDT, Kwattro@aol.com writes:

<< I just got a set of BBS wheels for the GTI.  Wow, nice wheels, lok great.
  Problem, I don't want other people to think they would look great on their
 car.  Best wheel locks?  Opinions?  17mm lugs, if that makes a difference.
  Thanks >>

I got a set of Eurolocks from Ron's Parts (604)944-0494 for my new wheels,
and they work great.  No bulky key (fits on Key ring), fits over wheel lug.
 Very light.  Liked 'em so much that for my application, where the lugs are
VERY much exposed, I got 5 sets (all with the same key combo). The aluminum
(or aluminium across the pond) covers are anodized red.  Only problem I've
heard of is sometimes they don't work if you have a center cap that covers
the lugs.  US$30/set of four.

'90 V8Q 178k+