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Trips and Risks

In a message dated 97-07-19 08:54:57 EDT, Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart writes:

<< If you aren't willing to take this risk, you might as well stay home and
 PBS, they have lots of shows about people travelling that don't offer *you*
 risk at all.>>
I couldn't agree more.  Unless you have an urgent business meeting to attend
to, a vacation/trip/holiday should be an adventure.  Most of the time you'll
find nothing will go wrong, but if something does, you deal with it.
 Distance really isn't a factor.  When I drove out to Pikes Peak and back I
put 3,200 miles (some were driven very hard) on the 'ol V8Q, with the only
incident being a nail in the right rear tire, which I had patched/plugged.
 OTOH, for my 1300 mile round trip to NC 2 weeks before, my alternator
brushes went out.  I still have 2 grp 41 batteries for sale with vents $40
ea.  Detroit area...

Do it.  If you like to drive your car and it hasn't been giving you reason to
fear taking the trip, by all means, drive.  Otherwise fly, 'cause you'll miss
driving your car too much if you settle for a rental.

'90 V8Q 178k+