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Subject: Trip?

Michael D. Nelson wrote:

> I'm thinking of taking a long (around 7000 miles) trip sometime in the next 
> month or two, but I'm not sure if my car (86 4KCSQ, 180K miles) will make
> it. 
> The car has (or will have) lots of recently replaced parts (brakes, exhaust, 
> struts, wheel bearings, belts, hoses, tires, tune up, AC recharge), and of
> course I'd have it thoroughly gone over before I leave, but I'm concerned
> about some things (alternator, water pump, radiator).  The timing belt was done 
> at 130K.  I have AAA and a cell phone, and the car runs great, but...
> Am I nuts for considering taking this car across the country and back?  Any
> opinions/advice would be highly appreciated.

  Well, I drove an 85 4000sq from Portland (OR) to Anchorage (AK), and
from Portland to Columbus, GA.  And I hadn't replaced as many parts as
you have.  Only snag I hit was the fuel potentiometer going out, which
wasn't something that you could easily predict.  Called the CAA (I was
in the Yukon at the time), fixed the car, and got back on the road.  No
problems since then.  Well, except for the time I got lost in a
snowstorm in West Virginia, but that's another story . . .
  The missus then drove the car from GA to Watertown, NY.  And it's
still going  . . .

  Go for it!

  -- Andy Hutchison
  1988 90q
  1985 4000sq
  Oregon City, OR