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Re: Help me keep the Audi faith...

You liked the Vigor too? Almost bought a '93 GS with 40k on it right before I
bought the Audi. Am getting my Audi back on monday. Will take to friday to
get the new relay for my power windows, and then I will have to take it back
in again to get it installed. Actually spent most of the morning going
through a junkyard looking for the relay. The junkyard specializes in late
model foreign wrecks. Didn't find any post '92 100 V6's, but did have four
'89-91 100's. The relay was not to be found on any of the old 100's or 90's
they had on the lot. Did pick up a couple of power window switches to replace
the burnt out ones in my car. As for now, I am going to stick with the Audi.
But my patience is running thin.

'92 100S (64k)