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Questions about my "new" '91 200qt

Well actually it's my wife's ;-)  We just got it today in Pearl white.
It's pretty clean with about 85k on it. It's also very fast :)  We used
to think my 4kq was fast compared to her old 4 banger 4k. Well it is,
but the 200 rocks!  Questions are as follows:

UFO brake rotors: Should I just put new ones on at $600 each as there is
a little bit of warp being felt in the brake pedal? Stops fine though.
Or are there other alternatives.

Fuel mileage: The trip computer says 9.3 mpg. Is this right? Is this
thing a pig on gas?

Waste gate: It looks like there is a spot for a vacuum line on the waste
gate. It's a little brass barb fitting, but there is no hose to it. Am I
missing something?

Radio Wiring: The car came sans radio and the wiring harness for it has
taken a beating with many cut wires. I'm very handy with electronics so
if anyone can give me any pointers on wire colors for speakers or any
other info about the radio wiring it would be appreciated. Also, it
looks like the antenna is in the windsheild. Do these antennas work ok?

91 200tq
86 4000q
84 4000