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Re: 90 90Q 20V vs. 97 S6 vs. 98 A4 30V

In a message dated 97-07-19 22:56:37 EDT, you write:

<<  My concern is that the S6 is now discontinued, has a
 similar older technology 5 cylinder engine, enhanced by a breakable
 turbocharger and is based on the old A6 platform that is now being
 upgraded to an improved suspension. One other quirk is that this car is
 black on black leather. I owned a black car once and swore that I would
 never do it again because it is to difficult to maintain. >>

Re-read what you wrote.  97 S6.  The platform, yes, is a bit dated, but no
more so than the car you are driving.  Hell, I drive a car that was for all
intents and purposes designed in 1983.  14 years ago.  Still whips a little
butt.  I'm sure that there are several people who will also go to bat for the
turbo 20v 5, perhaps the best Audi engine ever.   Look, even those bloody
Swedes borrowed the design, and still incorperate it in the worlds fastest
(or second fastest, depending on who you talk to) production wagon.  Go for
the S6, it's a rare car that you won't have many opertuntites to own in the
future.  There will always be 30v A4's hanging around in 5 years.

Carter J
86 4000CS Quattro
86 Coupe GT
86 GTi