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Ur Quattro Ignition Computer HELP

Sick Vehicle

> I am trying to fix my 84 UK spec ur quattro and am having some
> problems with the ignition computer.
> The unit is a MAC - 01B part number  035 905 383 D engine number WR
> 005147, as mentioned the car is a UK spec RHD.
> The car started to basically loose all power (probably just running on
> two cylinders) so after much consideration I removed the engine and re
> pistoned/ring/bearing etc etc etc.
> Then I started to get really frustrated as after putting it all back
> together it would not run at all. After much messing around with fuel
> system, removing gear box just to confirm the flywheel was on
> correctly etc etc etc the problem was narrowed down with the help of
> another car.
> The car runs with a good unit from another car but with my unit, the
> engine runs on 1 and a half cylinders and naturally very roughly.
> Putting my unit in another car gives the same result so I assume that
> my electric's are OK, the fuse box is under the bonnet so hopefully
> not the problems of the 83 US spec cars. 
> It seems to run only on No 1 and number 4 partly, judging by the plugs
> which are sootie on these cylinders and new and unused on the other
> cylinders.
> There are irregular sparks on the other leads.
> It seemed to me that the spark was being generated on No 1 from the
> distributor sender and then from the TDC pin on the flywheel which is
> about under the TDC sensor when No 4 seems to fire
> Does this pattern seem to mean anything other than the XXX chip has
> failed.
Is there any information on these chips or are they throwaway items?

> Gordon Mearns
> Melbourne 
> Australia