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V8 Brake Problems

Hello, Quattro experts.
    I've been lurking off and on for several months, and really enjoy
the list. A brake failure Saturday on my 1990 V8 prompts this message.
The brake warning light started flickering driving down I-57 from
Chicago toward my home in Southern Illinois. I told my wife I thought
this might be an early warning of a problem with the "bomb" I've read
about in the archives, and that it might flicker like that for a long
time before it failed. A few miles later, the light came on to stay, and
I discovered that all power assist was gone: it took a l-o-n-g time to
bring it to a stop from highway speed. Luckily, there was plenty of room
and a good shoulder to park on. A johnny-on-the-spot trooper called a
wrecker for me and whisked my wife (at 95 mph, she said) to the Hertz
place which was about to close while I waited for the wrecker.
    It being Saturday afternoon at 5, nobody was open to look at it, so
I had the wrecker guy tow it to a place he recommended, left a note, and
continued home in the rental Intrepid, planning to call and make
arrangements for repairs on Monday.
    Being mechanically challenged myself,  I would appreciate any
suggestions. Specifically:
              1. What would your tentative diagnosis be?
              2. Assuming it is the bomb, what should I expect the job
to involve in time and parts?
              3. Has anyone had any experience with Peter B's Automotive
in Urbana, Illinois?
              4. Does anyone know another nearby shop to recommend?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

David Nelson
1990 V8 135k