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Re: More on mud flaps...

> At 01:50 PM 7/16/97 -0400, Ron Rappel wrote:
> >She also told me that the front mud flaps are the only
> >ones available from Audi for my car.
> That is just the most bass ackwards thing I've ever heard of. (I'm not
> doubting you or Carlsen, just shaking my head verbally at it).
> Did you happen to ask if the so called front mud flaps might just fit on
> the rear wheel well rims too? :-)

I've successefully used most generic splash guard on all of my cars, including 
both Audis. Just make sure they are made of that special rubberized plastic 
and are contured in shape. They are ~$15/pair and you have to choose the ones, 
that copy the shape of the RR edge of the wing/fender the closest way. I think it 
was type*A* for the fronts and type *C*  for the rears, or v.v. (don't quote my 
poor memory on this one. I usually buy all 4 or 5 types and match them up. Keep 2, 
return the rest).

IMHO every car should be equipped with 4 splash guards: 
1) no tar removal from the rocker panel blues
2) no stone chips on paint either
3) you don't create a Hurricane Andrew behind yourself, when running 85mph in 
pouring rain - a simple courtesy towards other drivers.
4) the car looks ugly barefooted without them (quite a subjective opinion, tho)

Also, in the past I couldn't even_dream_of getting my cars through an annual state 
inspection without all 4 splash guards in place, (Phil would confirm the existence 
of such a law in a number of East European countries).

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the boat
Philadelphia, PA