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Re: 90 90Q 20V vs. 97 S6 vs. 98 A4 30V

>butt.  I'm sure that there are several people who will also go to bat for the
>turbo 20v 5, perhaps the best Audi engine ever.   Look, even those bloody
>Swedes borrowed the design, and still incorperate it in the worlds fastest
>(or second fastest, depending on who you talk to) production wagon.  Go for
>the S6, it's a rare car that you won't have many opertuntites to own in the
>future.  There will always be 30v A4's hanging around in 5 years.

oi, fastest station wagon (ex production granted) is *not* a swede. ;-)

and their i5 is not based on the audi.

agree with your other sentiments though...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q