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Re: More Skoda - no Audi content

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, Ian J Haseltine wrote:

> Ladas are both imported into and exported from the UK, new ones come in and 
> are sold to the public and when they reach the end of their useful life they 
> are bought up by enterprising eastern european sailors and shipped back to the 
> CIS as deck cargo. When Ladas arrive in the UK they are stripped to bare 
> shells and rebuilt to meet UK standards (in a small plant near Bridlington on 
> the east coast of Yorkshire). It is said that of all imported cars they are 
> the only ones that dont suffer any form of theft while in the docks - 70% of 
> imported Nissans have no radios when they leave the import compound.
You don't watch "Look North" then? It is no longer economically viable to 
import Lada's into the UK due to shitty crappy bollox "EU" standards, and 
they have ceased. There are around 600 unregistered Lada's left at 
Carnaby, after that, no more.
Its actually quite interesting watching the Russian load Lada's back onto 
ships at Goole. 
ABP (I think) said that the Crane Drivers were no longer to lift the 
Lada's onto the ships for the Russians. Not to be denied of there nice 
little earner, they now build ramps out of wood and drive/winch the cars 
onto the decks themselfs. 
It is also possible (ala Quintin Wilson/Top Gear) to see many car 
transporters heading towards Hull, fully loaded with Lada's in various 
states of repair ready to be shipped back to Russia.

All these cars are stripped on the voyage home, with the bare shell being 
pushed overboard midway.

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