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Good Joke (No Audi Content)

A teenage couple had been dating for a couple of weeks and the 
relationship seemed to be going
rather well. So, the young girl told the boy that if he were to come
over for dinner, meet the parents, and make a good impression, she
would reward him by making love to him. Well, he was pretty excited as
it would be their first time. 

So, he went down to the local pharmacy to buy some condoms. However,
being that it was his first time, he didn't know the first thing about
what kind to buy. So, he asked the pharmacist for help. The pharmacist
spent a good hour discussing the different kinds of condoms, what they
do,how to pick a size, etc. He then asked the boy which he would like.
To which the boy responded, "Well, being as it is going to be the
first time, why don't I get the 'family pack'". So, the pharmacist rang
it up and sent him on his way. 

Finally, the night arrived and of course the boy was very nervous but
was determined to make a good lasting impression on the girl's
parents. Everyone sat down to dinner and the mother said, "Let us bow
our heads and pray." So, everyone bowed their heads and said grace.
When they were finished, everyone looked up... except the boy. He
continued to bow his head and mumble in prayer. After about 20
minutes, he is still praying and the girl taps him on the leg and
whispers,"I didn't realize you were so religious." 

To which the boy whispered back... "I didn't realize your dad was a