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Demise of a Coupe GT

 >> Sadly gone - an electrical short behind the dashboard started a
 >> fire
 > insurance fire?    =8)
Not funny.  The car is on my wife's insurance, and she only has two years' no 
claims bonus.  With the book value being GBP350 or so, and the potential for 
increased premiums (over the next three years) being GBP450 or so - I wouldn't 
show a profit.
But I would have to agree with anyone from an insurance company who said it was 
"suspicious".  It's the car she uses to commute to work - and she had started 
seven weeks vacation three hours before.  Plus it wasn't life-threatening, and 
left the most valuable bits intact ...
We probably won't claim - I'll just invalidate the registration and sell it 
for bits.  H@ll, a good JS engine _has_ to be worth something, all on its own.
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