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RE: 89 100 AC Control Head (Climate Control) Diagnostic

>At 05:21 PM 7/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>When I'm trying to get the GM part from the junk yard, what
>>Part Number should I say I'm looking for.  Is this the same
>>part everywhere? for all cars? for all years? or what?
>It's easy to spot - the things a duplicate - around 79-87 GM climate control
>head. The fan speed control is also the same, as is the receiver drier (I
>would bet the programmer is too...). I pulled the fan control out of an 85
>5K for my friend's 79 Seville...

The 79 - 87 GM/Caddy control head and programmer is not the same as used on
my '87 5KCST, and the units are not interchangable. A/C programmer on the
Caddy has more relays and more vacuum connections, and the mounting is
different. Head on the Caddy unit is also different; many have a dial to
set temp instead of pushing a button to set temp. Audi went with the *new*
style in mid-86, earlier units may be interchangable with the Caddy units,
but later ones are not. Delco built both later units, and many of the parts
are interchangable--I have used a relay and GM motor in my Audi programmer.
(Use the Audi arm on the GM motor.) I suspect the '89 Audi uses the same
system as my '87.

Like it or not, you are pretty well stuck with buying the Audi-specific
head and programmer for the *new* digital climate control. Problem is more
likely to be in the programmer instead of the head. I had a code 17,
replaced the head (junkyard price = $75.00) and the problem persisted...was
a troubled programmer. Rebuilt programmers cost $145.00 - $185.00. (Will
sell you a head for $50.00...)

Jerry Fields