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No Subject

   I would like to install an A/C hose in 1988 90Q.  It is the high side,
compressor to condenser hose(p/n 893-260-701-D).  I ordered it from Audi
dealer for $185.00.  It lists for about $260.00, but he cut me a break.
Anyway, I have this brand new hose to put on my system, and no one wants to
install it unless I let them order the part so they can overcharge me.  
   The system is totally discharged and I was wondering if I could just
screw the threaded ends to the compressor and condenser and then let the
freon guy (Wal-Mart or Sears) go to work from there.  I don't know if I need
refrigerant oil or new o-rings, etc.
   If it is in the archives, let me know.  I have the Bentley manual for my car.
I did find three places thay will install the hose, but if I can do it
   Also, I may want to convert from R12 to R134.  If I should do this now,
where can I get a conversion kit?