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Coupla CQ issues

Hi Audiphiles-
Two things-
1) Very slight sqeaking sound when driving, so slight infact, I can't
hear it with the passenger side window up, (seems to be coming from that
area of the car, right front) Here's the thing- squeaking goes away when
ever I apply the smallest amount of pressure on my brake pedal?
Diagnosis anyone?

2) Almost a month ago, I had to replace the column stalk assembly
because something mechanical regarding the highbeam/cruise stalk broke.
When that happened, it fried a couple of things, including the
pinhousing for the front right headlight bulb. Soon after replacing the
column stalk assm., I noticed the highbeam indicator lamp coming on
faintly when only the lowbeams were on. I went out side to take a look,
and right side headlight was very dim... culprit was a completely fried
pinhousing. Got a new one for $7 at Rietzl and installed it using the
old pins about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I noticed the highbeam indicator
faintly glowing again, and you guessed it, the pinhousing was pretty
much toast...
Any suggestions as to this anamoly? (as if any electrical problem in and
Audi could be classified as an "anamoly", perish the thought...)

* Ramana Lagemann		 mailto:elmool@tiac.net	*
* Cohasset, MA					1990 Coupe Q	*