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drive ratios for '90 80q

	I recently bought a 5-speed '90 80q and I noticed the the gearing is 
significantly different than on my old '82 5k.  At 65mph the engine is turning 
around 3k rpm (seems high to me).  This means at *real* cruising speeds the 
engine runs around 4k to 5k rpm... 
	I know these engines are "bullet-proof", but since I do a lot of 
highway driving, I think I'd like greater fuel mileage and less engine stress 
at the expense of performance.  So here are my questions: 
	Is changing gear ratios advisible? 
	Is a car's gearing modified by changing the final drive ratio?  Is 
changing the final drive ratio a routine or complex task?   
	What is the drive ratio of a U.S. 80q?  Is the European 80q different 
(it must be!)?  What is its final drive ratio?