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Blaufergnugen water pump sale

For all of you thinking of doing your water pumps/timing belts,

Blaufergnugen (1-800-683-AUDI) is having a sale on them.  $35 bucks including
the o-ring.  Timing belts are $16.  They also are reporting a sale on Eibach
springs and other suspension parts.

Just for reference, Linda @ Carlsen quoted me $80 for the pump exchange the
other day.

However, in Carlsen's defense, their price on the "bomb" is $250 vs Blau's

Somebody a little while ago posted a place where one could acquire the Audi
Crankshaft Immobilizer Tool (Der Krankshaftenhaltenfork) for doing the timing
belt relatively cheaply.  I forgot whether this is the 2084 or 2079.  I don't
need the breaker bar, I just want the immobilizer, 'cause I'm pretty durn
good at breakin' things anyhow.  


Alex Kowalski
'86 5KCSTQ