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Re: clutch return spring - 90q20v

Grant Lenahan wrote:
> Hello assembled audi wisdom (regrettably, wisdom comes with experience:-))
> This weekend, two fiber parts and much broken spring debris
> rained down on my left foot.  Upon examination, this stuff appears to
> have been, once, the return assembly for the clutcgh pedal
> on my 1991 90q20v.  Does anyone have any experience:

Yes, been there three times.

> (1) Will I damage anything (e,g: master cyl or pedal assembly)
> if I drive it as is for a few days?

Don't think so. On occasion you might have to need to help the pedal with your toe on
the upward
stroke, however.

> (2) any tricks in its replacement?  Looks hard to jamb back in there. :-(

Yes, it's a real b*tch to install without a tool.
I strongly advise not to jam it up in the vise and secure it temporarily in a
state only with a couple of wire ties. That spring_will_break them. That's how I lost
(brand new replacement) part_and_almost lost an eye!

I've made a special tool for this purpose, and the whole job had become a 10min

Attempted ASCII:

Material: 1/8" steel ribbon, all measurments are taken inside the tool

        |-|                                     |-|
        | |                                     | |
        | |18mm                            | |
        | |                                     | |  Front view
        | |________45mm________| |

        7mm         7mm
        |--|                |--|
        |  |14mm        |  |
        |  |                 |  |            Side view
        |  |__16mm__|  |
        |                      |

1. Compress the spring in the vise (WATCH YOUR EYES!!! Wear goggles!)
2. Slide the tool over it, so that the spring's hinges go through the tool's slots.
3. Secure the part in the tool by a wire tie.
4. Install the part.
5. Insert the clevis pin in the hinge.
6. Lock it with the OEM E-clip.
7. Cut the wire tie with side cutters.
8. Voila!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the boat
Philadelphia, PA