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Re: S4 Airbag Control modules?

In a message dated 97-07-21 21:45:39 EDT, savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin
Nederhoff) writes:

<< Anyway, for $77 they plugged it in and told us that
 our car needed a new airbag control module.  Well, anyone wanna
 guess how much they wanted for this 'module'?  Ummmm... how much
 is your soul worth to ya!?   ;-)   *GULP*  Dealer's quote was
 $800!!!  DAMN, is this thing gold plated?  heheh   We declined the
 repair obviously.  ;-)
 Sooooo... has anyone else dealt with this?  Any ideas or input
 would be appreciated. >>


No experience, but...how about cleaning the contacts to the module.  It
wouldn't surprise me nor probably anyone else on this list if the source was
a dirty contact.  Certainly worth a try.  I would check to see if this
requires any safety precautions first, though.