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Re: S4 for sale

R. Scheibe wrote:
> Folks,
> I just got (only a month ago) a 93 S4 after a long search for the perfect
> car.  I found it, and I found out something about myself.  I (we, that is
> -- my wife and I) can't handle having a car that is so perfect that we
> worry about driving it, parking it, or using it.  Hence, after some
> debate, we have decided to sell the car. We really need a car to drive
> every day -- and will probably be in the market for a used Taurus 

Gaaaaack, no no no no. Not a Taurus! Bad Rob!!! If you like the way the
Quattro drives, but have the fears you mentioned, why not get an older
version of a quattro? I know exactly what you are talking about. We (my
wife and I) just got a '91 200 tq (sort of a poor man's S4) and I feel a
lot easier parking my wife's old 1984 4000 with 250k on it in tight
parking lots. Wouldn't want to see the 200 tq's pearl white get a door
ding. I also have a 1986 4000 quattro that is super clean. I have often
considered getting another one _with_ dings for my daily driver. Best
compromise I have come up with is to ride my bicycle to work a few times
a week. Good luck!