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RE: audi news s3/s4/s6/a6 avant 4x4

At 10:15 PM 7/18/97 -0700, Todd Phenneger wrote:
>	Can you say twin turbo.  Without a horsepower estimate on the 4.4L BMW
engine how can you be sure of what power it will put out.  The twin turbos
should be able to more than make up for the extra weight and displacement
of the V-8.      Just a thought.
>		Todd Phenneger
>		84' 4kq

I know it'll be a twin turbo.  But, the current generation of M3s is
packing 240hp from a 3.2 (?) liter I-6.  And from other's experiences as
well as mine, it is an extremely gutsy 240hp...very flexible.  Looking at a
30%+ increase in displacement and considering how the 540i's V-8 performs,
I'd think the 4.4L would be pushing more than 300hp (in M trim).  With an
estimate of 265hp in the S4, it doesn't look like much of a contest.

I truly think that the new S4 will have to look to the aftermarket for some
additional boost.  We all know what can be done with Audi turbo engines,
and it's also clear that Audi does not deliver them to the US with the
power that they could easily be making...my point being that a 265hp turbo
motor from Audi will most likely have a streetable potential of 300hp+.

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net