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parting out non-quattro

Greetings part/car hunters:
   FYI, an aquaintance is getting ready to haul off a 1984(midyear) Audi
5k non-q to the boneyard.  The final indignity of a busted tranny is
more than he can handle.  Though our daughters were highschool
teammates, I have not seen this car for years. You can call Doug at
612-546-9338, western suburb of MPLS if you're interested.
   I also saw a black 1990 V8 quattro as I drove by a Dodge Chrysler
Plymouth in Delano, Mn (20 miles west of MPLS).  I did not stop.  Gave
them a call to discover this: 
   Asking price--$11.9k US dollars
   Salesman says it has been given a total used car check and is very
clean, even underneath.  Usual disclaimers apply.
RC Ringlien   
85 5kt
89 200 t