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Colt vs Audi. Colt -> Glue Factory

While I was successfully dodged an orangutan in a beat up red Mustang who
was intent on crash-testing my Coupe Quattro, I was unable to get out of
the way of a second one in a Dodge Colt. His projectile impacted the Coupe
from behind, rendering the Colt dead (no pun intended, but I'll take it). 

The Coupe is fully functional. A bit beat up, but every light, door, 
hatch still works perfectly. The witnesses were likewise amazed in the 
inequity in damage. 

Anyone have any advice on finding hidden damage before I go to the adjusters?

Jon Sala 
Clinical Engineering			jsala@skynet.uah.ualberta.ca
Walter McKenzie Centre 0D1.00		http://skynet.uah.ualberta.ca
University of Alberta Hospitals 	(403) 492-6711
Capital Health Authority
8440 112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T6G-2B7