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Non-Audi Five Cylinder Engines

Elliott commented:

>I don't know what they based their I5 on, but just how many I5's are
>there?  I'm sure that Audi isn't alone, but I can't think of any others
>(of course aside from Volv's new one).

There are a fair number of automotive five cylinder engines out there, not
all of them available in the U.S.  Fiat, for example, introduced one a
year or two ago that impressed CAR magazine's scribes.  I believe
Lancia also uses it in some of its models.  Then there's the VW VR5
which we may get someday in the States.  M-B still makes five cylinder
diesels, though current U.S.-bound diesel models are sixes.  Acura's
Vigor successor, the TL, is still available as a five.  And Volvo's
S70/V70/C70 series is well-known.  Others? 

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