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Re: 91 Audi 100 Quits Intermittently

njones wrote:
> I'm a newcomer to this discussion list, but I have a tough problem that
> I could use some help on.
> My 91 Audi 100 quits intermittently when driving.  There doesn't seem to
> be much of a pattern to when it quits.  After driving the car for 30 to
> 60 minutes, the engine shuts off.  After the engine quits, the car will
> crank, but it will not start.  After the car sits for 15 to 30 minutes,
> it will start and run ok for another 30 to 60 minutes...  Of course,
> when I try to duplicate the problem by letting the car idle for hours,
> or even driving it around for a couple of hours, the problem doesn't
> duplicate.
> I have tried replacing the ignition coil, fuel filter, and fuel pump,
> but the problem continues.
> Please e-mail any suggestions to njones@afit.af.mil.  I would greatly
> appreciate any help you can give me!
> Nathan Jones
> njones@afit.af.mil
I had a similar problem with my Coupe.  Have you checked your battery? 
Mine was just a matter of replacing a battery with a fresh one.	 
Rick H. Louie