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Militec-1 discount

     Hi Q-listers,
     Advanced Product Distributors, Inc.--the distributor of "Militec-1," is 
     offering 10% discount for all members of this Quattro list.  (Just tell 
     them that you're a member of this "Quattro list.")
     Go and check it out for more details at their website: 
     've fun & enjoy crusing--of course, in your Audi :).
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org
     '89-90 (68+K miles)/2nd owner
     '82-Maxima (198+K miles)
     Affidavit:  I have neither financial interested nor affiliated w/ the 
     above company at all.  (Just want to help all of us get a "good deal" 
     on such a good product.  At least, we can save some $$$ for the other 
     parts we need.  ;)
     BTW, I just ordered it--w/ a 10% discount, to try in my '89-90.  Will 
     let you guys know the outcome.  (If anyone had already tried it, pls 
     share your feedback w/ me...Thanks!  :)