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Audi parts -Reply

>Connie at Blaufergnugen quoted the water pump at $89.95 and the
>timing belt $68.95.   This is after she checked with someone else at the
>shop.  She originally provided prices closer to what you were quoted.

Typical Blaufergnugen...
Also, If you live in a town/city which exists in another state, be sure they
get the right _state_ & _zip_ in your address.  My invoice clearly listed
Lansing, MI instead of Lansing, IA (although they did get the zip right, go
figure).   My $700+ order (Bentleys for both cars, brake rotors & pads, 4
cans Pentosin, oil filter qty pack, etc.) went to the right city, but in the
wrong state.  When I finally did receive it, the "free" hat (due to size of
order according to their mailer) turned in to $14.95.  

Q. Aren't those cans of Pentosin supposed to be square?
A. Not when they've travelled 1500 miles packed in the same box as
brake rotors and pads with only shredded newspaper as packing

Ed Kellock ................. Greenville, SC (and how many other states?)
91 200qw ................... 87 Coupe GT