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Chicago Historics...

Hey there,

Well, I appologize to any one who did go to the Chicago Historics this
past weekend at Road America (awsome track btw) for not meeting any of
you.  I looked for people but we just weren't that organized.  I saw
many quattros there though.  I didn't have my Audi thier either because
I refused to drive it any further without changing the oil since I am
way overdue.  

But, I did post several ads for my car for sale up around the track.  I
haven't gotten any calls yet though.  

Anyways, I did see a black 90Q 20V there, one silver one, and several A4
1.8TQ's!  I saw two 4000Q's and one 200TQ.  Any of these cars belong to

I did meet Scott Grundewald and see his beautiful red '83 Ur-Quattro! 
That car was very sweet!  He kept saying how it was an old beater but it
looked very clean and in great shape to me!  He had some neat
performance mods as well including a Sparco upper stress bar.  He also
had a Sport Q looking vent in his hood.  He had also put in the aux
gauges out of a 4000 into the space above the shifter (where the locking
diff controls usually are) and had moved the diff controls over to the
pocket in the dash on the other side of the steering wheel.  Well, it
fits perfectly!  And, looks great to boot!  He told me he was just not
willing to pay $350 for that plasic ABT panel when this cost him next to
nothing...just a little ingeniousity.  He got the gauges out of a
wrecked 4000S, so they were dirt cheap.  Totaly stock look too!

Anyways, it was great meeting Scott, and it was a lot of fun watching
these guys just drive the hell outta some $200,000 cars.  The announcer
there was saying that some of the Can Am cars were setting faster times
this past weekend than they had when they were running proffesionally
back in the 60's!  WoW!  The cars in the last group (qualifying) on
Saturday were doing like 170+ on the front straight, and that was not
the fastest section of the track!!!!!  BTW, it is either a 3.5 or 4.2
mile long track...very long!

Great to see old Austin Healey's, MG's, Jags, Ferraris, and Porsches all
out there running together!  I just wish I could have been
driving....looked like so much fun!  :)  

I also got a "Last Open Road" sticker given to me personaly by B.S.
Levy, the author!  Those of you who haven't read his book need to
because it is great and you should buy a copy and then give it to a
friend.  He just got a big publishing deal so the remaining original
copies are going cheap!  So, for those of you that are interested, I
will try to scrounge up the info.  

Anyways, I had a great time and sorry I didn't meet any of you listers
who were also present.  Maybee next time.  BTW, When I talked to Karen
Chadwick a few weeks ago she informed me that there was going to be a
QCUSA track event at Road America in September (I think?).  All of you
that are nearby (and those who aren't) should go!