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Re: Straussenfest STL

>I will be in Chicago for that weekend, so I cannot go.  By the way  any

>Anyway, for Saint Louis, I was thinking of getting something together at
>Forest Park sometime in September.  Possibly reserving the Worlds Fair
>Pavillion and Parking lot for the festivities.  If anyone would be
>interested in attending such a function, let me know and I will post
>back  anything I find out.
>Randall C. Markarian

I'll be out of town for the Strassenfest too.  Heading to Montana for some
backpacking, but I would love to get together in Forest Park this Sept.
Definately let me know.  I am sure I will be in town.  Would be alot of fun.

James Fawcett
Bitchin' '86 5KTQ