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90q20v Exhaust Donuts -mmmmm, donuts

Mmmm, donuts. I like donuts. Except when they cost $27 a piece! 
[insert choking sounds here with vivid image of shocked Audi owner 
spewing half-eaten donut bits everywhere). The so-called donuts I am 
referring to are the O-rings found in the 90q20v's exhaust system. 
They are used to join two separate segments of pipe together. I 
replaced the one in the rear a few months ago. Got the part from the 
dealer for $9CDN. I can live with that. Now I have to replace the one 
up front where the exhaust header becomes the exhaust pipe (upstream 
of the cat). This joint is held together by four spring loaded bolts 
($8CDN!) of which one is currently missing (where in the world did it 
go to?) and the O-ring should be replaced as well. As stated 
previously, dealer is asking $27CDN for it! Is this a different O-ring 
from the one downstream (looks the same in the Bentley...) or is my 
dealer suddenly considering 300% inflation because he doesn't like the 
way I look?

Just to put things into perspective, I can get 84 of the most 
mouth-watering, spine-tingling apple fritter donuts for that much 
money! (well, 84.16 but I don't think they sell donut fractions).

All this talk of donuts is making me hungry,
	'90 90q20v