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Re: Automatic Quattros

Well I don't have a '93 90 V6 and though it isn't a quattro I imagine
that the two transmissions are probably pretty similar (maybe different
gearing to compensate for the extra weight of the quattro system). 
Here's my thoughts:

Performance: There are two "shifting programs" (1st generation Dynamic
Shifting Programme"): Sport and Economy.  Both are dumb as toast. 
Economy upshifts far too early and is *very* reluctant to downshift,
even as you start rolling backwards while trying to go up a hill (well
not *that* extreme but sometimes it feels like it), then when it does
finally shift it goes into first or something and plasters you to your
seat (great feeling by the way).  Sport is much better about
downshifting, and it doesn't have a huge impact on fuel consumption for
normal driving.

	Then the other aspect of performance.  (oh yea, you meant
*performance*!) Reasonable!  On paper automatic adds something like .6
seconds to your 0-60 mph time, which sounds bad remember that in real
life things behave differently than on paper.  I don't see much of a
real life difference.

Reliability: So far, no problems at all.  That's all I can say about
this one.  I had a 85 4KS with an automatic tranny and the only problem
I ever had with that was with the recall.  And in fact I drove the car
with a dry tranny making that horrible noise for nearly 2 months before
I had it replaced, without an inconvenient amount of difficulty.  Surely
now the list will be drowned with auto tranny horror stories but this is
just my experience.

I don't know if the 100's transmission was closer to the V8 or the 90,
but whatever it is I would say, go for it!  Sounds like a great car!


>     What is the general consensus on the performance and reliability of 
>     the first(?) generation of automatic quattros? I had a look at a '93 
>     100 V6 quattro this afternoon, it would make a lovely family car if I 
>     could find the coin (very unlikely!). Could probably get it for ~19K 
>     Can (they were asking 23K and have already reduced it by 2K), the car 
>     looks fully loaded, leather seats etc, 100,000kms.
>     Personally I don't have very positive views towards auto Audi's, I've 
>     seen too many (newer models) at the local dealership having new 
>     trannys fitted. And the thought of it being the first(?) time they 
>     mated an auto box to the quattro drive train doesn't inspire 
>     confidence. But then again there are a lot of very happy V8 owners on 
>     the list, is this basically the same setup as the V8?