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Re: Model year designations in USA

Greg Spark wrote:
> I've been puzzled for some time about how US listers refer to the current
> year's models as being next year's model.
> e.g. an A4 2.8 30V bought now (1997) is called a 1998 model!!

After 8 years this phemomenon still amazes me. I can see a leftover '96 being sold in 
'97, but a '98??? One of them gimmicks, whem they treat you like a complete idiot.
On par with a general pricing style of *$9.99* (never a $10!) or with those screaming 
signs: *SALE! 90% OFF!* Off what? Some random number, chosen arbitrarily by themselves?

> Is this a way of convincing yourselves that ol' US of A is way
> ahead of everywhere else in everything, when the rest of the world
> knows the converse to be the case? :-) (flame suit mode=ON)

No flame from me on this one either.
Have a fine day, Greg.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - a fake one (built in 5/88)
'97 A4TQ - this one is true
Philadelphia, PA