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Fastest wagon... naaaa


I don't have it built yet, but...

According to my calculations, with a 3968lb GVWR and a dry weight of
3000lbs. Add in 114.7 lbs for 18.5 gal of petrol (6.2lbs/gal), 210lbs
for my fat as*, and an additional extra misc. 80lbs roughs out to
3400lbs running weight. With a respectable 225hp from the '91 200 20v
turbo (with a K&N cone and exhaust) the "sport syncro 20v turbo" project
should equate to around 15.12 lbs/hp. Imagine if I drop in a chip,
larger turbo, etc... the 225 jumps to 275, then to 320... and my power
to weight ratio, at 10.62 lbs/hp., looks more like a Sport quattro.
Cool. I think that I'll stick with the stock 217hp... (heck, my ratio
right now is 29.56lbs/hp, blah...)

I hope to eventually end up with a smooth, fast, consistent vehicle with
modern Motronic fuel injection and and a huge 'ol smile every time I
turn the key. But to be the fastest, na... just the fun'est!

Regards, Thompson-