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Re: idle problems

At 07:57 AM 7/22/97 PDT, Mark Zvolanek wrote:
>Gday q-listers
>Please help me with this one. I am new to Audi I had this one for few   
>months now.
>I am still having idle problem on my '91 Audi 90.
>Where would be the most obvious place to check for vacuum leaks. Could it   
>be a air leak that occurs only when engine is under load?

Usual two places for vacuum leaks on the 90 are the hose that leads from the
crankcase up to the valve cover area (since upgraded by a combo of large
metal hose and two small rubber hoses), and the two hoses that lead to the
ISV (one short one, and one long one that is actually two hoses with a
plastic elbow that can also crack and cause leaks).

Also, does your rear diff lock?  If not, chances are it is a vacuum problem
and it may be leaking vacuum in that system.

HTH; e-mail privately if you want more specific info......SLM

Steve Manning:  stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
....Mainly Mopars; also Audi '88 90Q/'90 200tqw; other stuff
......BMWCCA #93xxx, FCA, SDAC, USCC, QCUSA, Wagons of Steel, etc.