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Re: Fastest Wagon

In a message dated 97-07-22 22:25:28 EDT, you write:

<< Should I also mention the '97 Subaru's Legacy GT-B wagon that only 
 available in Japan and other South east asia countries. With the 280ps
 2.0 twin turbo boxer(stock), AWD, and manual tranny; I believe the 
 performance of this wagon is pretty close to or even equal?? to Audi's 
 and Volvo's super wagon. I believe it's probably the fastest Japanese
 wagon in the mean time.
 Just my 0.2
 '87 5kcst >>

Christ, if we are doing limited run exotic wagons, then the AMG 300 wagon and
the RS2 Audi can't be forgotten.  The AMG and the Audi would definately
trounce any wagons in the world.  BTW, anyone disputing if AMG is a
production car, it is sold through Merc dealers....so.....