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Re: Weird,weird lighting problem!

Robert W Obrien wrote:
> Good morning listers,
> This is almost inconsequential compared to some of the stuff the Audi Gods
> throw at us, I know, but it goes against the grain of all my elctrical
> knowledge: Car- 87 5000T. Problem- dash lights do not light. Computer and
> AC lights are dimmed with headlights on, but I am flying blind. Weird
> twist: This Audi answer to Saab's "black panel" can be defeated. If I
> switch on the headlights before starting the motor, the lights work.
> Like I said, minute in scope compared to Phil's burning GT, or q
> driveshafts gone bad, but *why*?
> This started three days ago. I can't remember to turn the lights on first,
> and besides, would rather not add the strain to the battery on startup.
> Where to begin?
> In the meantime, imagine the dialogue:
> Officer:"Did you know how fast you were going?"
> Me, on night banzai run, pointing to dash: "weeeell... actually..."
> TIA,
> Rob
> 1987 5000 GT Turbo (and thanks for the badge, Christian!)


Had the same problem.  Pull the dash light controller out of the relay
panel above the glove box-it looks like a double-wide relay.  Carefully
remove the relay cover.  Ther are 2 pc boards inside. Re-solder the
connections for the ribbon cable joining the 2 Pc boards.  Mine had a
bad solder joint.  Probably due to heat.

Good luck!

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA