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Re: Non-Audi Five Cylinder Engines, Honda!

In a message dated 97-07-22 23:48:09 EDT, you write:

<<  Honda  >>

Gotta give honda a little credit with designing the ultimate nightmare, the
CVT (continually varying transmittion.)  Has anyone thought about what it
would cost to replace?  How about servicing?  What if it does break, I assume
the car goes no where fast.  Yup, nothing like a little innovation to break
that wallet open.  I remember a certain innovation called the electric car,
some moron thought that one up.  What the hell is the point of having a car
if it can only go 100 miles??  Ahhh!  
Next up, disposible cars.  I'm sure Honda will "invent" that one from some
one else's idea.

Carter J