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Re: Fastest Wagon (was: 90 90Q 20V vs. 97 S6 vs. 98 A4 30V)

Of course along the same line, one shouldn't forget the Subaru WRX
Impreza Wagon STI III (Japan only of course) which cranks out around
300HP stock out of the turbo charged 2.0L four banger.  VERY impressive


-mark nelson

<<Should I also mention the '97 Subaru's Legacy GT-B wagon that only 
available in Japan and other South east asia countries. With the 280ps
2.0 twin turbo boxer(stock), AWD, and manual tranny; I believe the 
performance of this wagon is pretty close to or even equal?? to Audi's 
and Volvo's super wagon. I believe it's probably the fastest Japanese
wagon in the mean time.>>