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Re: Security

At 11:14 AM 7/23/97 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>The best idea, IMO, is an anti-scan remote arming alarm that _ISN'T_
>to the door locks. 

In my '94 90 CSQ I had installed a Viper 300+ alarm. Its anti-scan, remote
(and passive) arming, and it IS connected to the door locks. In fact, it
required a special vacuum adapter to work with Audi's door locks.

But I'm curious: Why are you opposed to connecting up the door locks to a
third-party alarm? Unlike a factory alarm, in this instance unlocking the
doors should NOT disarm the third-party alarm. (To my mind, the fact that
unlocking the doors disarms most factory alarms is the biggest reason not
to trust 'em).

In my opinion, the best car alarm would be nuclear. ;-)

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